Thursday, October 27, 2011

It is our off day, yes, me and Wynnle. So as usual, we met up and went to Vivo City. We had lunch at Barcelo @ Vivo City.

Half grilled chicken with sauteed mushroom and potatoes. Yes, it is for two person.

Snapple Cranberry

When Wynnle said let's go to Vivo City, I said there is nothing to see. Then, I had a bit of shopping at there. So end of the day, Wynnle said who told me that there is nothing to see at Vivo City. I saw Hush Puppies luggage sale at there. I wanted to buy this pink light weight 28" luggage. It is 50% off and cost only $99. I want it, I want it. My brother will scold me. Definitely when I got back home, I told him, he was like do you need that? Guys shop only when they need. We, girls, shop even though we do not need. Promotion, discount, we love them all.

To Vico : The above should answer you abit. Yes and you may call me shopaholic. No one loves me, no one gives me presents. So I give myself. Haha. Btw, get facebook, will ya? So hard to communicate with you. I am like sending airmail to space or moon.

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  1. Vico said...
    I like the outfit, very nice, you look cute.
    Facebook? Will you be my 'friend' if I create an account. :D But I'm hearing that google+ is the new thing now.

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