Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Decision made. I gonna leave Singapore soon, as soon as possible. Probably end of August? Submitted resignation letter today. But they wanted me to help them out 1 week or more. I thought it gonna be like only 1 day notice since I am under probation. Grrr. Have to wait again. I want to go back asap and be with my parents really soon.


  1. Vico said...
    If it's going to make you happy. All the best to you. :)
    mabaydar said...
    Are you serious??? U going back permanently?? So How u gonna do with CPF and PR status??
    Any Business to do in Myanmar in ur mind??
    So envy for your decision but i am gonna miss you since one less friend to talk about a lot of stuffs.
    Anyway, keep in touch, and we can go out and meet when I back to Myanmar.
    Winle and me definitely going to miss you.

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