Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Ya, I love perfume. I still have Escada Pacific Paradise & Givenchy Very Irresistible. But when I'm getting perfume with good pricing. I can't stand not to get one. So I bought this Escada Sentiment's set. I know this is kinda old series from Escada. But the smell is great, my taste which is sweet.

And I bought this Ralph Lauren Polo Black for my brother as present. I used Polo Sport before and I love love it. I love Polo for men perfume.

Ok, here it is, the perfume warehouse sale is at Ubi. Ma Bon works around there, so she told me about it since she knows I like perfume.

Saturday, I went that warehouse sale again after my school. I just brought my friend there. I tried not to buy anymore. I know although I won't pretty use much, I still want to get all the perfumes I like (it gonna be long list). I just want to have all the collections.

Well after that perfume warehouse sale, I had dinner at Pizza Place with friend. This is second time. I love the food from there.

(left to right) Spicy Marirana Seafood Pasta, Hot Chicken Wings, Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Lasagne


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