Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I still have some more pictures which I have not posted from Haw Par Villa day. After Haw Par Villa, we went to Henderson waves as well. But it was long walk about like 2km. And I was tired when I reached Henderson waves.


Thank you Heiman for Love Etc. She gave me as belated birthday present. She asked me to choose which one should she get for me. I told her as you wished. But she insisted and I choose Love Etc, because it has perfume smell. The rest of Body Shop smells are like similar and I have them for body lotion or shower gel which I got from Body Shop sale. Thanks to her gift, I even became Body Shop member. I like Body Shop and it is ok, but I only buy when there has sale. I want to get blusher brush, foundation brush and powder brush from Body Shop.

Mi Sue went back YGN yesterday. Not much outing and no more photos in later time.

To Vico : Haha, you will get your food when you come here. But will you even able to eat them? :D Well, when you talk about Garfield, I had like no idea at first. I knew it only later when I saw my blog post and I was wearing Garfield PJ. I have like that kinda dress PJ about 10 :D All are in cartoon characters, Garfield, Pooh, etc etc.

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  1. Vico said...
    Yay, more pics. :)
    Why do you ask if I'll be able to eat it? Does it not taste good? :P
    You don't know what you're wearing? :P

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