Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy with everything and not much time to update the blog. Me the internet addicted, it is sorta like I am in rehab now. I cannot use internet in office anymore.
Ma Bon & Me on her ACCA graduation day. I did make up for her, haha, it is not like I am expert that, we only had chance to take photos when we got back home only. So probably cannot see her make up anymore in this picture.

Picnic with my relatives (uncles and aunt). We planned to cook and brought food to Bedok reservoir park, but lazy to do so later and just ordered food. That's it. We ordered two pizzas, two golden pillow (chicken curry/mutton curry inside the bun, it was quite big and didn't expect though). We planned to order KFC also. But didn't buy it because my aunt (Nay Nay)'s friend said she would bring some BBQ. So added up together, she bought two big pork ribs, two BBQ whole chicken, one big bottle of Sunkist, three bottles of Coke. Ok, it is just for 6 person. Haha. Feast..

My second cousin Mi Sue visited to Singapore and she just arrived yesterday. I might meet her when she was like so young 3 years or 4 years or something. She doesn't know who am I. Haha. We should get our family trees / organization chart really soon. I am eldest among my second cousins generation as well (from my grandpa's side). My grandpa is eldest, my dad is eldest and so I am eldest. Just to pick one person, we got 6 person to see her in airport. Haha, next time, we should bring some banners, boards if we are going to pick up someone in airport, it might be fun. After airport, dinner at Mc Donald. She gonna stay here like two weeks only. So we have to go out in every weekend. She is just 16 years old currently. So 10 years old younger than me, looking back and see my age, I am old now.


Mistake : My cousin Mi Sue is 16 years old.

To pwinty : Haha, get your ass to come Singapore. I will treat you :D
To Vico : Haha, of course not, it is at two separate places and two times also.
To mabaydar : The first three pictures, it is food from near Prime. The rest are from Thai Restaurant at Golden Mile


  1. Lin Tun said...
    not 6 yrs, 16 yrs !!!
    Vico said...
    Hey, it's suppose to be home-made food for picnics. :D
    wow, that's a big six year old. :P

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