Friday, July 29, 2011

7th Time

I have donated blood for 7th time (1 time, it was not successful and it was stop half way, but I still count though, lol)

Nurses said I have small veins to draw blood.

Look at my iphone casing, isn't it cute. Haha.

 I am using this casing now. I treat my iphone like my baby, so I change the casing every now and then.

Tomorrow (actually today, now it is like 2.38am, my flight is at 9am), I am  going back to Yangon for 5 days. My brother is going back with me as well. It will be good, if I can go back to Yangon every 3 months. Only this time, I am quite frequently going back (Nov 2010, March 2011, July 2011). Hope I will have a lot of fun in 5 days even though it is quite short period.

To Vico : Nope, I didn't get anything for my brother, hehe, previously I gave him iphone4 when I renew my contract. He gave me iphone4 in march as early birthday present as well. Anyway, we are using same source of money though (we combine our salary :p). That rock from the ring doesn't mean anything, it is just unique and I like it.


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