Sunday, March 11, 2012

These photos are still from Day 1 in Bagan. Like I said in previous post before, I was sick. So after lunch, we went back to Hotel and rest. We only came out in the evening. We went to some of the pagodas. Then, after that I went to see doctor and got injection. And finally, we had dinner at "A Little Bit of Bagan" which is recommended by Lonely Planet which is like traveller source of website. Before we went to have dinner, we went to Tha Na Kar Museum by Shwe Pyi Nan which is right across the road from "A Little Bit of Bagan".



I had spaghetti. Doctor advised me to not to have rice.

To Vico : I am not Kris Flyer :D I go with budget air line.

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  1. Vico said...
    You seem to get sick often when you're on vacation. Hey, you guys are suppose to eat the food, not take pictures of it.:P
    With the amount of travelling you do, you should join one of those frequent flyer programs. By now you could be flying for free. :D

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