Friday, March 16, 2012

Second day of the trip. We went to Mount Popa and Sale. The distance between Mount Popa and Bagan is about 50km? Most of the time, we were in the car. I was still not perfectly well yet. I still felt sorta sick. I regretted that I couldn't eat any of yummy food during this trip even though I was excited for this trip for since quite sometimes ago before the trip.

Some goats on the road.

Before we went up to Mount Popa

Stair Stais Stairs..we did rest here and there. There are a lot of monkey as well. I bought some flowers to donate at Pagoda on the mountain. The monkey robbed from me, lol. I was pretty scared and I threw away the flower. The monkey caught it and he ate it. Grrr.. Flower eater monkey...

It was still not at the top of mountain yet.

Now this is top of the mountain.

We stayed there only for a while and we went down.

This is somewhere on the road. It is so pretty scenery. So we asked to stop the car and we went to take photo at roadside.

This is some famous place at Sale. I forgot the name. Wynnle did research to go those places. But unluckily, it was closed on that day. But we asked the guy at the gate to open it. We just went inside to take a look only. But we couldn't go inside of that building.

After that we went back to Bagan and visited a few pagodas again. 

I love this photo. I took this photo and I am proud of it, lol.

Roses roses roses. I love them.

Finally at Ayeyarwaddy river. It is really beautiful. There had some moonson and there was no sun. So we couldn't see sunset at all.

We had dinner at hotel. Hotel provided us free dinner. Hotel's owner is Wynnle Dad's friend. So we got to stay at hotel for FOC as well. We rolled like boss. Haha. Hotel name is Ruby True. It might not be the best hotel. But it was like a home. The staffs are nice as well. When we arrived to Bagan on the first day, it was like 3AM, but the manager aunty woke up and came and greeted us. Thanks, Aunty Wah (if I remember her name as Aunty Wah?)
Hotel dinner is not only for dinner. There was Myanmar Traditional Puppet Show. So almost all the people from dinner hall are foreigners.

To Vico : I do not really get sick when I go on vacation. Maybe, I get sick sometimes, only when I go back to my country. Flight to my country, there is no program for Kris Flyer. And apart from going back to my country, I do not really go other country or never been there. I have only been to Bangkok Thailand and Malaysia like once or twice only (even though I have been in Singapore like 11 years). The food pictures, we must really have to take before we eat. It is for memory and we can drool later :D It was rare for me to take pictures before I eat (unless sometimes, remind me). If not, mostly I could take only half eaten food or just empty plate or leftover only.


  1. Vico said...
    Stairs are good exercise. Did the monkey take the flowers or did you throw them at it? lol
    I was thinking like credit card companies or banks, sometimes they have programs, where they award miles, not tied to any specific airline. Guess they don't have those there?
    Anonymous said...

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