Monday, October 8, 2007

Phew! Finally, I got a haircut yesterday. Haha! Most of my close friends knew that how badly I wanted for a haircut as well. I was begging everyone to accompany me to Kimage the saloon which I wanted to get haircut.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to airport with my friend to send her parent off. After that we went to Cityhall and I had a haircut. Then we went shopping at Citilink Shoppin Mall. I bought silver pencil heel from U.R.S. (I have gold ballet flat shoe and now I got silver. I love this two color, marvelous, right?)

(Come to think of it, tomboyish short hair and pencil heel, is it a joke? Haha. And It reminds me of Eun Chan (Yun Eun Hye) from Coffee Prince. She is kinda tomboy with short hair. But sometimes, she wears dress, pencil heel and girl stuffs as well. I'm not talking about I look like her or I try to be like her. I know I ain't pretty like her. I just wanted to have short hair because I got a lot of hair lose when my hair was longer.)

We had dinner at Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant. Big thanks to my buddy and her lover for the dinner treat at my fave Thai restaurant.

The shock wave after my haircut

Ma Bon : How's your new haircut, do you like it?
Nilar : I wanna have haircut too.
So Heiman took picture of me when I was talking on phone with Ma Bon and Nilar and she sent MMS to them. Technology flies so fast, right?
Susie : she asked me not to cut it. But I still cut it. She was asking me like "Omg, omg, don't u regret it?"
My brother : He showed me "thumb up"
Nge : She was shocked and called me after she took a look at my friendser, she is cute, right? Haha.
My colleagues at work : You cut your hair short? Change hairstyles?

Okay, I'm happy since I did what I like and what made me happy. I can't deny money makes everything and money makes me happy. I'm thinking to get Creative mp3 player soon. I will pay it first with credit card. Yesterday as well, everything I paid with card and just signed on the piece of paper. It is better way for shopping, you don't need to fork out money from wallet yet, Haha. This month is totally spending, last Saturday, I bought new bag and headphone for my brother.

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  1. madyjune said...
    nice haircut...i think the latest trend is to have short hairstyles..i am not satisfied with my style through..maybe i shouldn't have chose a stylish hairstyle when I am not stylish myself

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