Saturday, October 13, 2007

Man, this movie is like from 2004. But it is one of the best movie ever. I just finished watching second times (I usually don't watch movie like twice). And I cried like heck a lot. First time I was watching as well, I cried a lot. I wonder I still can cry at second time. Maybe, I still can cry next time I watch too, but not too frequently watching, of course. I gave this movie like 7986146174968 stars.

Just watching Kang Dong Won makes me teary eye. I cry for two of his movies, this movie and "Our Happy Time". Why he has to die in both movie? Argh! I'm drooling for Kang Dong Won now.

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  1. madyjune said...
    I only cried once or twice while watching this movie but I don't cry anymore. I don't even feel that sad also 'cuz I started to see the storyline as a bit weak and absurd but then I prefer the original fanfic.

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