Saturday, October 27, 2007

I had to go to DBS bank to deposit this morning. Heiman woke me up (she didn't know yet what she had been done)
I don't mean to blame u, hunnie. I mean you woke up this hungry dragon which gonna eat non-stop :D.

We went to Woodlands DBS bank. After that walking around and I saw a lot of food. My evil mind came out and wanted to eat like everything. My perfect breakfast started with one mushroom pie, one curry puff, one egg tart from Crystal Jade. After that the appetizer nutty buddies yogurt from Pink Yogurt. And a sip of ice milo which Heiman bought from KFC. My evil mind didn't stop yet, at first I wanted to eat curry puff from Old Chang Kee. But I can get Old Chang Kee from like everywhere. I rather have some other things now. I bought one black pepper chicken and one honey chicken from Cold Storage to bring back home as lunch and dinner. My dessert is my fave black sesame ice-cream from Uzumaki Japanese Ice-Cream shop. My hand was full of everything and when the cashier lady returned the changes back to me, I even had to ask her to hold my ice cream back again so that I can put my changes back to the wallet (Heiman was calling me and asking that did I disappear or something? I didn't know I took sometimes to have food shopping spree.)

Two Egg Tart from Crystal Jade

Nutty Yogurt, Yummy, but a bit sour.

Finally, present you my fave black sesame ice cream from Uzumaki
The gray color ice cream is unique and cute.

Talking about food, thinking about food make me happy. Thinking about the project from work, makes me stress and age faster. Garr, off to work to draw add-in design for Shanghai Pudong International Airport (the new airport and my company got contract for it.)


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