Thursday, December 6, 2007

Last Saturday, I went to IT show at Expo and later went shopping at Bugis with my brother and my friend. During IT show, I couldn't get what I want and need. So yeah, I just had some shopping at Bugis Seiyu. I bought what I wanted. That is Clinique skin care product to take care of my oily skin.

The set
The scrub

The box is so green and stunning nice

The gift I got

The perfume bag with charm


The moto advertisement from nuffnang which is at my right side upper corner, is like so cute.

I'm thinking to go back YGN in this december.

ANTM (America's Next Top Model) is frigging hot. B!tches, cat fights are fun to watch, lol. I finished watching Cycle 8 in like 2 days. And I'm currently watching Cycle 9. I don't rely on TV which is showing like so delay. Channel 5 just showing Cycle 8 now even though actually airing on US is like Cycle 9 and nearly finish.

I had diarrhea few days ago. The darn clinic is frigging expensive and it costed me like S$57. Just waste. I feel it is like seeing pharmacist only because he just asked me how did I feel and gave me medicine only. The another annoying thing is I can't claim back from my company about my medical fee because the clinic is not the one of list in company's clinic. Phew!!!

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  1. kuunal said...
    i really like all the clever inventions,and i would like to make that cup with i just want to ask u can i make for my company promotion.waiting for ur reply.
    mail me on

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