Monday, December 10, 2007

I always have major shopping day before I go back YGN. So, yesterday, I went to go shopping at Bugis Street (for myself, my brother and Mr.Sai), Mustafa (to buy luggage) and Queensway Shopping Center (Ice Cream shoe for Mr.Sai). Let's see what I have. I bought a lot of this kinda same type dress (Heiman called it is dress for pregnant woman).

So white and green and the color look like school girl dress from my country

Purple. I don't have this color for my dress yet


Green again. I just can't resist the green. I'm so loving it.


Black and white. This is cute.

I got the necklace for myself. The letter "S".

The earrings I got for myself and zip for Mr.Sai

Black stocking from TOPSHOP

Something to wear on my feet again. I have like knife at my feet or something. Because my previous slipper bought from Malaysia, spoiled easily even though I just wore like less than 10 times. Or maybe bad quality?

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  1. madyjune said...
    so that's the cute dress you wore at ye lay's show..i luv it

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