Sunday, December 16, 2007

Last Friday, I went to Tuk Tuk Thai restaurant with my friends as one of my friend's birthday.

Actually, we had plan to dine out in the evening of Saturday. But Heiman can't make it on Saturday since her honey is coming back to Singapore. So yeah, we went out on Friday evening unexpectedly. (Heiman couldn't not join for dinner at Thai restaurant because of some matter, my poor Heiman). She just joined us after our dinner and she had dinner at Secret Recipe. After that, they all wanted to watch movie "The Warlords". I don't really like to watch though. But thanks god, we didn't get good place, it is like second rows from the screen. So we didn't watch.

That restaurant is like my favorite Thai restaurant. I always go to eat at there. The place is #03-22/24, Suntec City Mall (Between Tower 1 & 2). Tom Yam from there is pretty good.

The girl beside me is the birthday girl Nilar. We were from same high school St.Augustine. We both are the type of like we live in our own world and not that friendly. So we weren't really close in high school. We met again when we were doing preparation course for Temasek Poly.

How big is the fish and it is pretty good too even the sauce. I love food.

The fabulous tom yam. I'm the only one who is like eating a lot. After all, I chose the restaurant I like when Nilar wanted to treat us something for her birthday. Hehe.

At Suntec City Mall, in front of some christmas trees. Ma Bon, Nilar & Me. I look fat in the picture. I know right, furthermore, my friends are skinny one.

There has some un-usual Christmas tree. They are so creative and unique.

Paper shredded Christmas Tree

Circuit Christmas Tree

Disposable spoon and fork Christmas Tree

Some pans and blah blah Christmas Tree

The upper part of can drink

Paper Christmas Tree

Paper ball Christmas Tree

This Christmas Tree is using brown hard paper with gold glitter. I guess.

Today me, I went to Starbucks near at One Fullerton to meet some friends.

OMG, 11 hours to leave from Singapore. I'm going back YGN with Silk Air flight 14:20 on 16 Dec Sunday. I gonna be away from my blog like 3 weeks. I don't really have time to use while I'm in YGN, I gonna be pretty busy with hanging out with my friends, concerts, dinning out, blah blah.
I'm going to MDY on 17 Dec Monday with early morning flight. If I have time, I will update something while I'm in YGN, but not with picture though because YGN connection isn't really great and I'm impatient.

Tomorrow, if I have like nothing to do in airport after my check-in, I might update and say Bye-Bye again. I'm pretty exciting now. The best feeling and happiness is before going back YGN and thinking about all the fun. And sometimes, when I really reach at there, there doesn't have much fun like I really think and I have to face some uncomfortable thing like electricity cut off, and blah blah unexpected things. The hardest thing is when I leave from YGN and on the night I reach back to SG. I was thinking like yesterday I was in YGN with my family and now I'm in SG by all myself. While I'm in YGN, the count down days to go back SG is freaking me out and shaking my feeling as well. Gosh! I hate it.


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