Monday, January 7, 2008

Mandalay Trip

I reached to YGN on 16 Dec. At airport, I met my idol Yar Zar Newin, I was so happy, terrifying and freaking out when I saw him. I love him to bit. Enough with this. Ok. Unexpectedly, I met Beth at airport, she came to pick up her aunt's friend or someone.

Next early morning, with morning 6AM flight, I flew to Mandalay. It's been age, I haven't been to Mandalay. I reached to hotel around 9AM. Then, I rested in the room. I thought my friends would arrive to Mandalay around like 11AM. I made a few calls and slept after that. My friends reached to hotel like 6PM. We went to 78 Shopping Mall and had dinner at Fuji cafe at there.

The next day, we went to Sagaing and U Pain Bridge.

The air is so fresh and the place is so nice. We wanted to eat Buu Thee Kyaw near there. But Thanks to Sai Sai (anyway, I love him to bit as my good friend.) We can't eat it, because the crowded was bigger. We took away the food and ate in the car. At Mandalay, Sai Sai, he couldn't really go out because of crowd, it isn't like in Yangon.

Me, Sai Sai, Naunt Naunt (Sai Sai's youngest sister, the cute girl)

We could go to pagodas in the night, when not much people only. (my dress made me look like pregnant woman?)

Me, Phoo Phwint, Naunt Naunt @ the rooftop of hotel

Native Myanmar Meeting @ Mandalay, photo taken by KO JL (TKG).

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  1. madyjune said...
    He's so gonna kill you :P
    Thanks for sharing the photos. Sai Sai's sis is really cute. I want to befriend her just so we can share and discuss about dramas :). I like the last photo of you taken by KO JL. It is a really nice shot. I wish I can have my photo taken like you some day.

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