Friday, January 18, 2008

Just Random (Leftover Memory)

Jane, Khine Thit, Lynn, Beth, Me
Before Jane left to America, we went out to Ginki.

Theingi Win, Ei Khine Soe, Me @ Nila Zaw's house (her niece's birthday)
They both are doctors. They look young and doesn't look like doctors, right? Hehe!

The kid is so cute, right? My friend, Nila Zaw's niece. I was at her birthday.

Ok, the kids in my street a.k.a my crews in YGN. They are like so much want to take photos always.

(Upper left to right) Shwe Yin Aye, Khout Mote, A Kyaw Sone
(Lower left to right) Kouk Nyhin Paung, Pae Prata, Mote Lin Myar, Shwe Yin Aye
The food I was craving for and I bought like whatever I saw in the whole street.
Beat me, I can't finish all.

I was @ some dinner on Pyay Road with Sai Sai, John, Phoo Pwint. Me and Phoo Pwint are bored and we made the smiling face using oranges and banana.


16th Dec 07 : Guess what I saw at airport? I saw Yar Zar Ne Win, he was at departure lounge. My heart was beating fast.

17th - 20th Dec 07 : Flew to MDY with early morning flight. Having massage at hotel was fun. In the hotel room, crazy and funny things are fun too. But can't really go out all the places with them (Sai Sai). Everywhere is crowded if he shows the face. One example, we went to U Pain Bridge. We searched the place which had like not much people and nearly no one. They sat at there to have some food. We (Me, Naunt Naunt, Phoo Pwint) wanted to walk on bridge. Later they called me and said they coudn't stay at there any more since a lot of people were there now. They took away the food, (ran away?) and waited for us in the car.

22th Dec 07 : Ye Lay's one man show. It was fun. Sai Sai, Moe Moe, Tun Tun (Examplez), Htoo Kyaw, they all went there as audience. We all sat down on hill of Mya Yeik Nyo, they were making jokes and fun. Some audiences came to give them some flowers or took pictures with them. After the show, it was crowded, we walked to Mr.Guitar. Then later, we all went to Singapore Kitchen. We had supper at there. Moe Moe and Sai Sai sent me back home.

23th Dec 07 : Nothing much. I went to Sai Sai's house to give him some songs from my lappy. After that he had NELC's fun fair show at Mya Yeik Nyo.

25th Dec 07 : X'mas show @ YGN International Hotel. I went there alone earlier, because all those people (Sai Sai) came to show late. I was waiting some friends and tried to call them when I reached concert. Ko Buu Thee (Sai Sai's friend) was in Black Canyon Cafe, he saw me and called me. So I sat down and stayed at there awhile and waiting for others. Kaung Myat came around 7PM. I went in with him and stayed at backstage. After they finished singing 11PM plus (the show was still not finished yet), we went to as per usual Singapore Kitchen (late at night and they went to eat something, but we can't really go to food stalls at china town, so yeah, always just go to Singapore Kitchen. Sai Sai, John, Kaung Myat, Ko San Htut, Zin Min were there.

27th Dec 07 : Sai Sai called me and said he was at shooting with Ko Yar Zar (Yar Zar Ne Win). He told me I could come to the shooting. I was like OMG, sure, I would come. I reached there 4:30PM. I saw my idol. Sai Sai was busy and he couldn't intro me with him yet. I told him why didn't you intro me with him :( and he said there still had another shooting day at same place.

28th Dec 07 : I reached there like 1PM. Sai Sai intro me with Ko Yar Zar. I was so excited to talk with the actor / person I like soooooooooooo muchhhhh. He was friendly though. He said he just came back from Singapore. I was like Oh, is it? I saw you at airport. I just back to YGN on the day. And he talked about a few things from Singapore and blah blah. then later shooting again, the house with packed with shooting, people and stuffs. About 4:45PM, I sat down at living room. Ko Yar Zar was there then we talked again. He asked me "Do you have any plan this evening?". I said "Yeah, I'm going to show at Strand Hotel with Sai Sai". (I didn't know why he asked me though). Later U Myo Min (Director) told him his parts were finished and he could go back. Then he went back :( Sai Sai had to stay till like 6PM. After that we went to Strand Hotel 10 Seconds VCD show. Ye Lay was there early, he saw me when I came in then he greeted me. We talked a while. Sai Sai had to do second shootings for MTV again (for both of his songs). Everyone left and not much people there. We waited him till late then we went to Singapore Kitchen again. Ko Zeya Thaw, Yan Chan, Bo Lay and others were at there as well. They seem to come there after the show as well.

30th Dec 07 : Morning, I went to Nila Zaw's niece birthday and met my friends from 10th standard tuition. It was so nice to meet them. After birthday, Theingi Win sent us (me, May Mon, Ei Khine Soe, Win Mar Khine) back. I called Sai Sai and asked where was he. He was at shooting and the place was Inyar Kan Baung. My friends all wanted to meet him. So I brought them and intro all of them to Sai Sai. The shooting was with Moe Hay Ko and Thinzar Wint Kyaw. Director is U Myo Min again. Later the shooting move to some far away place from downtown. I didn't know where was it exactly. We, four girls (me, Phoo Pwint, Ma Cho Mi, another girl),went to that shooting place with Wathone. Actually he is model and actor. He is a funny guy and model-cum-drive on that day for us. He was making all the jokes in the car as he was driving. After that there still had shooting at one of the house. It was late night, So Sai Sai asked his driver to send me back first although they still not finished the shooting yet.

31th Dec 07 : I went to my uncle's new house at Parami. They gonna have Hot Pot. But even the food wasn't coming yet, I left from there to dinner place on Pyay Road because Sai Sai was there and after that we were going to New Year Eve Show at YGN International Hotel. But we reached there like only 10PM plus (because John was whining that he didn't want to go early). Their friends rent the room at hotel. We didn't stayed at backstage always. Sometimes, we stayed in hotel room. The hotel room is like suite and quite big. There had the place like living room and we all could party. We (me and Zin Min) went to BME club (I never been to club in YGN before). We stayed there about 1 hour only and went back to hotel. Midnight was passed, new year was passed. When we reached there, the show was finished. Some people stayed there. Someone hugged and greeted me Happy New Year. Haha! In the party room, play the music loud and having food. Tun Tun and Htoo Kyaw came around 1:30AM. But we (Sai Sai, John, Me, Phoo Pwint) left at there 2AM.

2nd Jan 08 : I went to meet Ye Lay at Sein Lan So Pyay. He gave me a few of his sample CDs and sweater. We talked for awhile then he sent me back home.

4th Jan 08 : I went to Shwedagon Pagoda with my family and had breakfast at Oriental House (Yummy, I miss the food at there. Just thinking about food from there makes me drooling now).

5th Jan 08 : I went to some shops for our new house's decoration and all those stuffs. I requested my dad to paint my room as violet / purple (my mom kept on saying that I'm not staying in YGN yet I requested a lot to be done, she said she doesn't care and she would do whatever she likes, but I know my dad on my side). Evening, City FM Award show at MCC. Congratulation to Sai Sai for winning the award. After the show, we went to Mr.Guitar. We didn't stay there late because he had to go trip on next day which was Sunday, 6th Jan.


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