Wednesday, January 16, 2008

City FM 6th Anniversary Award

I went to City FM Award show on 5th Jan, 08. But I reached there late (only caught up the performance like last four or something).

Why I was late? The thing is Sai Sai and Kaung Myat confused that whose I gonna go with or maybe, they just didn't have connection between them.

I was at home and I told Sai Sai that I'm at home. Sai Sai was like "where is Kaung Myat and oh god, I had to call him, I thought you were with him and gonna come with him."

Sai Sai called me and said he would send me the car to pick me up in next 45 mins.

I was waiting waiting patiently waiting.

He said he couldn't pick me up anymore and asked me to come over myself.

I reached there. Kaung Myat and Ko Maung Maung Aye came to pick me up at the gate. Kawni and Dwe (slide show)'s performance on stage. Ye Lay, J Me, Tun Tun (Examplez), Chit Snow Oo and few more people sitting at table beside me. J Me saw me, then he was smiling and waving at me. Such a sweet guy. I like J Me (as a singer and humble guy). Ye Lay came and greeted me after the show.

After Kawni's performance, R.Zarni, Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein, Sai Sai & Moe Moe at last. The performance gonna come out as Live Show VCD as well. After all performance finished, Sai Sai & Moe Moe had to sing again for recording. (as always, Sai Sai had to shoot again. 10 seconds live show for VCD as well. He had to sing again for both songs in that album.)

After the show, we went to Mr.Guitar to eat something and went back home.

Sai Sai (Left), Moe Moe (Right). The picture was shot during second time recording. That why stage was covered with all those things and stuffs.

Zin Min, Thireet Swe, Sai Sai & Me.
Sai Sai as award winning for best selling album as Male Artist
My style, un-smiling face. Why don't I smile in almost all pictures. Geez.

The video. I shot like for a while only. I was scared that someone gonna come and tell me like I can't really shoot video illegally since they are coming out as VCD. I'm such a chicken.


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