Monday, April 7, 2008

Yeah, weekend, I enjoyed watching reality shows and movies. I was busy with those.
Just finished watching Make Me A Supermodel and Project Runway Season 4.

Shannon is just cute.

Holly is pretty. I like her better with her new haircut. This is her old hair cut.

Perry is handsome and really good looking.
Casey is pretty boy.

Ronnie is so sweet and his smile costs priceless. Too bad, he is gay. Geez. What a waste!
Frankie is a funny girl but a little bit bitchy.

I watched CJ7, Kungfu Dunk and The Game.

This toy is just cute and it reminds me of this pet from neopets.

The Game. It is a good movie. Young man's health body and old man's dying body got switch by changing brains. And the young man with dying body trying to get back his body.

Kungfu Dunk is just too much effect using. Bluh.

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