Monday, April 28, 2008

Yayy.. I love love love my new "Jean" template with full fit page.

Ah, these Body Shop shimmer dust is the one I bought quite long like Body Shop Sale (last month?). The box is cute, isn't it?

Yesterday, I went shopping with Ma Bon. I had to buy new camera for my cousin because he forgot his newly bought camera at hotel in Malaysia (clumsy, aye). So I was looking for image stabilizer (IS) camera. No more stock for the model I was looking. So I got Samsung S760 again (the sale guy said it has image stabilizer, I didn't know even though I bought like two before). Well, yesterday I bought third camera again. All not for me, silver for my company, black for my dad, now blue for my cousin. The sale guy said I should get pink for myself. True true!!! But I don't have much extra money yet, so I controlled my mind. Maybe, I will get it next time if there has promotion and stocks (like after next month paid?).

Now my shopping list is quite a lot. I'm holding back because next month I have to pay tax to Myanmar Embassy and house renewal. Darn, it is quite a lot like SGD2,000 over.

Me and Ma Bon went to Bugis BHG to buy bag. Then we went to level 2 to buy some undergarment. I saw some stuffs I like at Pierre Cardin. And I happily bought them (I forgot about that 2K over thing)

List down the things I want
- ballet flat shoe
- peep toe shoe
- baby doll dress
- silver bag
- silver clutch
- Samsung camera (not that oh-so-want though)
- Loreal Shimmer Make up base & powder

Wish me win 2 millions lottery, lol.


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