Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad thing,

1. One diamond from letter A of my hand phone's key chain is missing and it looks ugly now. Arghhh!!

Picture is as newly and shiny

2. My daily wear sandal to work is broken off because the door at job site.

Good thing,

1. I got the school offer from The University of Newcastle Australia at PSB Academy for BIT (Bachelor in Information Technology) .
Most of people said it is hard at PSB, should I laugh or cry that I got accepted, geez.

2. I got credit card from Diners Club.
Woohoo, more cards to use, using CitiBank Clear card with limit S$500 isn't enough for me. Now I'm addicted to collect Points. Spend S$5 is 1 point. Now I got like 500 points, I can redeem something worth like S$10. Haha!
I wish CitiBank will give credit card limit as salary based on (for people like us who don't get S$30,000 per annum). I mean for people only who use CitiBank Clear card for 1 year and have a good history like me :D (good history means no late payment, I mean)

Going to St.James tonight with. I should enjoy all I can before school start. School will start 21 June 08. I have to study 20 months. 3 weekdays 7PM to 10PM and 1 full weekend day. **Die Die** I wish my mom will come soon after my school open. Finish work at 5.30PM and go to school straight. I can't imagine that how can I survive yet. Aja Aja Fighting!!!!


  1. madyjune said...
    So you'll be moving to Austrial soon right? Congrats on getting into the uni.
    TKLinn said...

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