Friday, May 16, 2008

Okie, if I like the part 1, I'm expecting for another part of sequel really soon. Now here it come The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian. I love watching movies. I don't really like war movies and other are pretty okay. Fantasy movies like this Narnia is pretty cool. They have this magic and good battle evils such things like those children helps to solve something. (I feel Narnia and Harry Potter pretty same such thing as group of children, magic, good battle evils and finally they do have sequels)

Another reason is all those effects in those kinda movie like Narnia are pretty amazing.

I love watching preview/premier movies which are earlier than normal schedule date in cinema. Then I poke fun at some serious movie fan of certain movie that "Hey, I watch this early" and the plot is this and that and lead them to kinda ending sometimes (I'm such a Evil, you can say that in such case if I really did to you.)

Disclaimer : If I don't win this Nuffnang Gala Premier tickets for The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian, all my blame on my brother, grrrr. I asked him for some advice last night. Because I feel his English is better than mine and I need piece of thought from him as well. He didn't tell me anything.

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  1. အ႐ုဏ္ဦး said...
    I want to watch that movie... :( I hope that it'll come out in DVD soon in Ygn. :P I like that sorta fantasy movies too - like The Golden Compass, and my all-time favorite, Lord of the Rings <3

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