Friday, May 23, 2008

My brother has long and sexy legs like a girl (if a bit less muscular and manly). Look at it, fair skin and hairless (some girls even have hairy-er than him, isn't it? My legs have more meat and thicker than him. *grind*

(a snapshot, when he was sleeping)

Ok, if I'd think about cutting hair, I will cut this kinda hair style. In my opinion, it is kinda cute.

Eugene from Three Dads One Mom Korean Drama

Nichole Richie's hair is kinda same as the hair I want. Woohoo, look at her back, there has wing tattoo. It is cute, aye. But one told me before that if the wing is small, it will look like chicken wing. Now, I see. Haha!!

Episode 8 of Three Dads One Mom, when other guys asked how's rabbit sound like? Kwang Hee (Jae Hee) said "Rabbit Rabbit, Carrot, Carrot". It is one of the cutest thing I heard and the way he acts. I can't stop rewind back and see over and over again.


  1. အ႐ုဏ္ဦး said...
    hehe.. your brother's legs are sexy ;P I want to see the drama u're talking about too. Agree about the chicken wings lolz
    ToMMyGiRL said...
    i hav better pic than this, i took it yesterday..hehe..more sexy..this one looks hav a bit manly

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