Monday, May 12, 2008


Those are photos taken from some night life website like whosgoing & mumtazz

I have two things to be angry about. But I remembered only one thing and forgot about another.

I saw singpost pamphlet at my doorstep. I took and looked at it. I saw some discounts and stuffs. I saw the Ricoh R770 which my cousin bought from Sim Lim Square and lost in Malaysia. The price at singpost is like $199 only and got a lot of freebies like 2G memory stick, blah blah, everything. But my cousin bought from Sim Lim Square, the price was like $300. Feel darn cheated. Geez. And some more, he lost that and asked me to buy same one again. I bought Samsung camera from Challenger only. Okie, I set my mind that next time I am not gonna buy from Sim Lim Square unless I go with person who knows well that place. I gonna buy from most of all the stuffs from Challenger.

Learn the lesson, bloody cheating place Sim Lim Square.


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