Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I was having free meals past few days ago.

First at Swensen.

I had Chicken Mushroom Spaghetti. Sorry, but, I will say I wasn't impressed the taste.

The drink is Iced Cappuccino. It is just normal.

The sundae is Wham! Bam! Yam! sundae. Not too bad for yam lover like me. I don't like boring ice-cream flavor which can get like everywhere such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry (where's my black sesame ice-cream? I miss that, I have to eat it really soon. The black sesame ice-cream from Hokkaido ice cream stall or something isn't really good. I love that small Japanese ice-cream cart stall, the black sesame ice-cream from there is crunchy.)

I feel like Swensen is more for like ice-cream sundae restaurant.

Second at Fish & Co.
It's been quite long that I haven't ate at Fish & Co. I love seafood platter from Fish & Co. When waiter gave us the pan, he said it is sizzling hot. So I didn't touch it for a while (not too long though), but when I started to eat, the squid was quite cold, I didn't expect that, I thought it might be still warm a bit.
My drink was Chockie Junkie which was sorta like chocolate milkshake with whipped cream (I love whipped cream, but mostly it was melted down really fast. This is second time, first time at Swensen, Iced Cappuccino came with whipped cream as well.)

Third at Inn Lay. I didn't need to say much since it is kinda like usual place to go and eat there.

The movies I watched last week are "Speed Racer" & "The Forbidden Kingdom".

Speed Racer, I feel like 10% human and 90% animation effect. It is too much. I love car racing. But this is like kid movie, there's no real car racing.

The Forbidden Kingdom, it is funny and I miss watching Sun Wukong on screen. Jet Li had to smile a lot in this movie, I guess. I usual think he doesn't smile a lot.


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