Friday, April 2, 2010

Bakerzin Macarons, anyone? They are so colorful and lovely, ain't they? But they are super sweet.

Yesterday, I bought a few cheap make up stuffs to try on my own. I thought I bought mascara, but I wrongly bought eye liner again. Believe that wearing eye liner makes eyes bigger. Maybe, it is like framing and pointing to eyes that look at me, this is my eyes? I don't like that how my face became white and my neck was darker.

This photo is long ago. The time, I had lunch with Wynnle at Mahanttan Fish Market. I love the prawns in front of me.

I dreamt of something sad and I cried in my sleep. I sorta knew that it is dream and trying to remember, to make a movie plot. But fail, haha, when I woke up, I couldn't remember it.

To Vico : I can cook anytime for you :) I bite nail when I am excited and nervous.
To Aud : Because some ads from Nuffnang displayed on my site. That why I got small fee and cheque.

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  1. madyjune said...
    This reminds me of what I used to put on when I was a kid.

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