Monday, April 5, 2010

Three off-days at home because Friday was Good Friday holiday. I watched all the "America's Next Top Model" like until I get sick of it. I already watched a few seasons already. I just watch the seasons I haven't watched yet.

Kim Stolz, she was in Season 5. I love her look. She looks boyish and so cute. If she likes me, I will fall for her and turn to Lesbian or Bisexual. Haha.

She looks pretty as girl as well.

Jenny Shimizu. Aw, she looks so cool. Wiki said she was in relationship with Madonna and Angelina Jolie.

Naima Mora. She looks boyish with her mohawk. She is hot. Her look is mystery and makes me curious of her ethnic. She is mixed of Afro-Mexican + Irish and African-American. She looks a bit Asian to me though.

She looks beautiful and girlish without her mohawk.
I read this article about 10 reasons of why America's Next Top Model is bad. But never mind, it is still entertaining. I am catching Season 14 (currently airing), Season 4 and Season 7.

To Mady : My mom wears eyeliner like everyday till today. She tried to put on me when I was young. But I didn't like it.Now it is become today trend, lol.


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