Thursday, April 29, 2010

I may need to buy computer soon. Should I go for laptop or desktop? Sony Vaio E series look eye catching.

I am not sure they have 0% installment plan for credit card. Dell has it. I need to use this installment plan if I do purchase one :D

If I buy laptop, of course not only the look, the specification should meet my requirement, like Intel Core, 4GB RAM and Window 7. I hate Window Vista.

Girls (am I still eligible to use myself as girl?) like me love things which are pretty and looking good. So coming out these colorful and nice looking gadgets, they are luring us. I have pink Canon camera, pink LG hand phone (I still want LG lollipop, I have LG ice cream). Not for matching, but I want laptop with color, prefer Pink.


  1. aud said...
    OMGGGGG i wonder if that pink laptop is available in aus yet? i love pink toooooooo
    Brandon Hudson said...

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