Monday, May 3, 2010

Red (Kathy)'s birthday was on 2nd May. We had dinner at NYDC Bugis and shopping at Bugis Street.
I called her when I reached Bugis. Weather was hot outside, she wasn't there yet. So I withdrew some money and went to OG Shopping Centre. I found one dress and tried in fitting room. She called me and said she has reached Bugis. I asked her to come OG. I told her I was in fitting room near lingerie counters and Triumph.

Me : I am in fitting room, near lingerie counter, Sorella, Amo and cashier. Would you come and see the dress I am trying to wear?
Red : I will come, where are you? Where are you?
After a lot of where are you and I can't wait her anymore. I changed my cloth and come out.
Me : I am near Triumph.
Red : I am near Triumph and Wacoal too.
Me : Why don't I see you? Are you sure you are at OG?
Red : I am at BHG.
Me : Oh, crap. I told you I am at OG.

We had dinner at NYDC.

Meatball that ate Manhanttan (Meatball spaghetti)

My 'iced halzenut elephannicco' and Red's drink 'raspberry something' (raspberry soda)

My 'beef lasagna'. It was nice.

We have taken some sticker picture at photo booth. The pictures look awesome right? I wish I own the sticker photo booth. So I can take picture 24/7. And all the pictures are very pretty (although I am not in reality). The guy is Red's friend.

We had shopping and I bought three dresses.
I like the color and this green dress. But it is short sleeve and I look fat in this dress.

I like this as well. Red bought it too, we have too many matching clothes now?

I don't mind having cheap dress (as long as it is nice and look good on me) and quality not that superb. It is boring to buy expensive clothes and it is not like I am going to wear forever. I rather have nice dress with reasonable price). After a few times, I wear and get a lot of pictures this dress, I don't want to wear another time again, because people are like 'Oh, I saw your photo with this dress, you are going there, this this this and that that that' or 'Do you are really like this dress? I keep seeing you with same dress'.

It is hard to find size for me because I am fat and big. If I am normal size, thin and slim, I would get crazy over all the dresses it fit me and I will like to get all the dresses, clothes :D

To aud : I am not sure, babe. You should check with your Sony local dealer in Ausi :)


  1. အ႐ုဏ္ဦး said...
    Happy belated birthday Red :)

    The dress looks cute!
    red said...
    Thanks you for posting Birthday wish in your blog.
    I didn't expect that. Making wish and join in my birthday make me happy and best birthday present for me. I never forget that memory in my life time.
    Thanks Tommy.
    Red said...
    And also thanks for your birthday wish Dawn.
    Sooner or later you are going to age :D. Best wishes.
    Vico said...
    Happy B-day to your friend.
    Those photo booth pics are cute, it looks like you dyed your hair. :D
    I like the second dress, very spring like. :)

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