Sunday, May 9, 2010


Last week Thursday, I had dinner Manpuku at Tampines One with my brother and my aunty Nay Chi. We were thinking to have dinner at Fish & Co or Manpuku. And finally, it was Manpuku.

My brother had Omu Rice with Fried Prawn

Thin Crust Seafood Pizza

Aunty Nay Chi had Omu Rice with Fried white fish

Mushroom soup

I had pork cutlet curry udon

I wanted to tried Omu rice as well. I ordered Omu Rice with White Sauce

Aunty Nay Chi & my brother. She is my aunt. But she is young. Her dad is youngest brother of my grandpa. That how she becomes my aunty.

Me & My Brother

Us. My face was nearest to camera and it is biggest.

To Red : I still owe you to give you present :D
To Vico : I wish to own that photo booth machine.

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  1. Vico said...
    Omu rice seems to have been the popular choice that day. :D
    Nice shirt. ;)
    You'll have to save up to buy a photo booth. :P

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