Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Late night supper with my brother and aunty Nay Chi

Cheer for Ice Tea

The tea is so good at that Indian Prata Shop.


Paper Prata with Milk


I bought this flat a few days back in Rubi. I love the color.

I bought this scandal last week for new job. But still, they told me it is not allowed to wear scandal. So this is wasted.

Yesterday, I went out to buy laptop at Funan mall. Never have chance to take picture with the dress I was wearing. I didn't purposely wear to get picture taken. It is just that I was quite depressed, so to cheer myself and to be happy and I feel like I have been repeatedly wearing some of same clothes. So I wore that.
Then I just did self-cam pictures with timer. So a lot of them are not going well.

Headless picture

I am in mood to take picture with that outfit, all because of that jacket. I love that jacket. The fan, HM gave to me as present.

I wish to get more jackets like this kinda of style.

Bought this shoulder bag for new job.

I have ordered Dell Inspiron 15R. I won't get it yet, they will ship to me in two weeks time. I bought PINK, TEE HEE. My brother has desktop (still it is the computer I bought for him :/), if he needs my laptop for some reasons and bringing it outside, it is PINK for god sake, lol. Sometimes, he took my pink stuffs (my pink Canon camera, my pink LG ice cream phone) to use. I just feel it is funny to imagine that other people (maybe, his friends?) will think that how come this guy using all the PINK things. Haha.
When I went to buy this, I was with 3 of my friends who helped me to choose which model. Finally, I chose this model Inspiron 15R. They have 4 colors to choose, when they ask me, I was like of course PINK.

I can't wait to see my Dell pretty thing. Until then, I have to fight with my brother to use his computer.


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