Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have like a lot of things to write, I guess. But I don't really have time to write about it now yet. So I will just post pictures first. We had so much fun and it was tiring also from 10am to 7pm. The whole day, just walking around, taking pictures, taking rides, watching shows.

When going there, should wear short or pant and flip flop and a lot of fun things and activities you can do there. We didn't really have enough time for all. The queue time was killing us, to take one ride, it was about 1 hour, maybe because it was on Sunday? We should get express to go there, so we won't need to wait for queue.







  1. mabaydar said...
    how much is the express?? I also wanna go there. but still no time to go. :( when i free, my family is not.
    Vico said...
    wow, lots of pics, I like this post. That's great that you had a nice time. :D
    I would think that walking sneakers are better than flip-flops if you're going to be walking all day. ;)
    mabaydar said...
    @Vico - For us, who came from Myanmar(burma), Flip Flop is more comfortable than shoes. May Be.. at least for me... :)

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