Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally got my Dell laptop, yayyy. Dell Inspiron 15R, it costed me S$1499. I have no money and I paid with 0% installment for 12 months using Citibank Credit Card. The delivery company must be so disappointed in me. They tried to call to my mobile on Tuesday. It was in silent mode while I was in office. So I got like four missed call. They called to my home phone. My friend's mom didn't know about this time. So they told them wrong number. Next day on Wednesday, they called my home number again, and they said wrong number as well. They called to my mobile, finally, I could answer call. And they informed me that they would be delivering on Thursday evening. And at last, I could get it. My brother telling me that this doesn't look like pink. This look purple to him. Whatever, it is shiny, right?

The first two pictures are taken by Teddy's new camera Canon DSLR. So quality is good. I can be his model, if he wants to take some pictures. Haha, but IDK, he always call me pig, will he want pig as his model? Not only that, he teaches his son to call me pig also. Thanks god, his son is just 15 months old and barely can speak yet.

This is taken by using my hand phone camera

Having Spinelli cookies like everyday in work. I love oxford ginger cookies better than oakmeal.

Look at Kweet Kweet (Teddy's son), how cute. It was in Charles & Keith shop during his mom was looking to get heel for her graduation.

To MaBayDar : Express ticket is additional S$68 for weekend. Weekend ticket is S$72. So S$72 + S$68 :D I saw like fun pass for one year S$300++, you can visit unlimited. But for some of the days, you cannot though. It might be worth it, right?
To Vico : Haha, there had water splash and everything also. So flipflop is better for me and open air. I don't really have sneaker anymore. I used to wear sneaker during my school day only. Because it was MUST wear if I had to go lab.

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  1. Vico said...
    Cool, you finally got your laptop. I'm with your bro, the thing looks purplish to me. Either they tricked you or you need new glasses. :P

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