Sunday, January 18, 2009

We went to this stage show on Christmas Day at Inya Lake Hotel. Last December, there only had very few stage shows compared to previous years. 5 of us went together, Me, Naunt Naunt, Ying Ying, Phoo Pwint, Phyu Phway.

Thanks to Ko Han Tun for finding my driver and car in the end of night. My driver was stuck the lane at Hotel. Those security didn't allow him to come in because there had a lot of cars coming out after finish show. I should ask him to wait in parking lot and should not ask him to go back, Duhh!! I had to wait about 30 mins or more for my car. But it still never show up. I didn't want to go back home with someone else car, so that my dad would think how come I miss my car and driver. And I don't want my dad to get worry, I don't want to get scolded or my driver gets scolded by my dad (how kind am I? =p)

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  1. Vico said...
    Hey I finally noticed your purple frames, sorry didn't notice them in the other pics. :) hmm...I've seen this dress before haven't I? What happened to all those clothes you bought?did you get a chance to wear them?

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