Saturday, January 10, 2009

The first place I hanged out with my friend was 'Signature' Bistro which is near Kan Daw Gyi Park. I have never been there before. My friend told me to meet at there.

I had not gone out from home since I reached YGN, because I was kinda sick for like 3 or 4 days.

Guess what? I got new spectacle on that day (check the color, purple, my old spectacle is black.)

Once I got from shop, my driver sent me and my mom home. My dad was still in clinic because his checking thing took kinda long time. On the way back home, I tried to call friends and checked out where were they (I was bored to stay at home, thanks to my sickness). And finally, my friend told me to meet there.

The place is quite nice. I read Menu, then unexpectedly, all the coffee and food's prices are charged by USD (US Dollar) e.g Mocha 3.5 USD, Cappuccino 5USD (about the price like Starbucks in Singapore). Normally, foods in YGN are a lot cheaper (normal people's incomes are a lot lesser than country like Singapore). Enough of price story.

I reached there first and I waited..waited..waited.. Then Phoo Pwint arrived. Later, I saw my aunty's husband (my uncle) who is a movie director behind my table. When they got married, I was in Singapore. So I didn't have chance to know him properly. That why I didn't just want to go and say 'Hi' and tell him like "I am your wife's niece". He was in first picture when I was having mocha. Phoo Pwint took this picture of me. I didn't expect that he would be in picture (I didn't ask Phoo Pwint to take in that angle as well. I knew only after I transfered pictures to my computer.)

When SS arrived, I never expect he had to meet my uncle to talk about movie and stuffs (I guess). After he finished things, he joined our table. He came with two of his sisters and cousins.

Then we decided to go watch movie in cinema. I wasn't feeling well and they worried about me. They said it is cold in cinema. I said nevermind and I still wanted to go. Me, Phoo Pwint and Naunt Naunt went to watch "Academy Shot" myanmar movie in Tha Ma Da cinema. The movie is comedy movie. It was fun after all. Rather than movie or anything, I would treasure the time with my friends and this hang out.

After story, next day, I went to my aunty's house (to see my cousin who I never meet before,she is like 7 months only now) and told him about it. He was like next time, greet me. Then he came to my house warming party as well. Not sure, regardless of his busy shooting schedule or no shooting yet.


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