Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where shall I start?? There has a lot of photo to post and update with.

My parents are great. They moved to new house like 3 months ago. But they waited for me to do this house warming party. So that I could see all my relatives and the rest.

With My Cousin Oak Soe Khant

With My Friends Ei Khine Soe & Theingi Win

With Su Yi

With My Friends Ei Khine Soe & Theingi Win

Cousin (I didn't tell her to pose like this, she posed herself. Creative, isn't it? She can do cam-whoring well when she grows up)

Nila Zaw & Thet Paing



Relatives & Mom (right side)

Relatives & Mom (right side, not the white one)


  1. MrDBA said...
    Vico said...
    You have a lot of young cousins, lol, very cute. Did you travel with your parents or do they live in YGN?
    Noble Silence said...
    Suyi got fatter.

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