Thursday, January 22, 2009

Woohoo, I am going to have big holiday CNY (Chinese New Year), 5 days, yayyy. No school, no work. All I do is lazing in my bed and room, watching some movies. Sleep like there no tomorrow. (How I wish that like I can go back to YGN just for 5 days within CNY)

I am starting to feel holiday mood now.

I am addicted to "We Got Married" and "Boys Over Flower". I laugh, I cry when I watch "We Got Married". It is so much fun, romantic and heart warming. I am starting to like Kim Hyun Joong :D

Fresh boys are just HOT HOT HOT. He is just a PRETTY BOY.

By the way, Veoh is just lovable. I can download all those high quality videos from Veoh (I am downloading "We Got Married" and "Boys Over Flower" from Veoh). It is much much better than pain-in-neck-rapidshare or cocky-megaupload or any others to whom it may concern. *HAT OFF*


  1. Anonymous said...
    It is interested very much.
    Please link to this site.
    madyjune said...
    wahh...i want to watch too :(

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