Friday, January 16, 2009

I was a good daughter on New Year Eve night. Plan didn't work out well with friends and I didn't want to go some parties that I don't know a lot of people there. I protested my friends and I didn't go well (but in the morning, I did have plan to go there and I even bought a few stuffs with Naunt Naunt)

I had like too many plans and places to go. In the end, I didn't go anywhere except Thet Htar's place. She called me and invited to come her house for BBQ and hot pot. At first, I had plan to go Chatirum Hotel and I told her I am not sure to come to her house. She is my dad's friend's daughter. She was back from Taiwan to YGN for her wedding (which was yesterday.) I invited her to Miss Christmas 2008 show. So she invited me if there has something also, I guess. She said her mom is in YGN now and asked me to bring my parents as well.

Thet Htar lost a lot of her weight and prettier now. In her wedding photo, she is so pretty. Those wedding shots are in Taiwan. Seeing those wedding photos, I want to get married and take those beautiful photo with nice wedding dress (don't tell me I don't even have boyfriend yet, I know ~_^)

Two Moms and Two Daughters

To Vico : If BOF has a lot of pretty boys, you might interest that Chinese Movie which has a lot of pretty girls :) I am happy that you ask me a lot of questions because no one else asks me, and seem like they don't bother to leave comments or whatever. That big metal thing is water storage on my rooftop. In our country, houses have their own water system and storage. We got water from ground and we use kinda motor to pump up water from ground.


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  1. Vico said...
    haha, woman usually get emotional with they see wedding photos or go to one, then they want to get married themselves. Just remember to send me an invitation to your wedding. =P

    I'm actually still going to watch BOF. I'm going to watch ep 4 tonight. I don't care about the guys but I find the girl cute. Her overacting isn't annoying like other actresses. I'll watch that movie when I find it.

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