Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I don't know like how many video I will post in one blog entry. I just finished resizing one of this video and upload to youtube only. All those videos files size are so big. My hands were shaky and hurt from holding camera for a long time. It was on 23 December 2008 Miss Christmas show at Traders Hotel. I went there with Thet Htar and her cousin. I left from home like 6.20PM and picked up Thet Htar at her house. Then I went to Superman's house to get invitation cards to the show. I reached to Traders Hotel around 7PM. But most of seats were taken. I got far most left side of the hall which was just infront of big big speaker (how great, ear blast)

Ok, the girl from below picture (number 3) got best cosume award. It will be like nothing in international fashion or whatever. But it is still a bit awkward in our country (she has like nothing cover except that gold things on her chest) and in my eye seeing as Myanmar Girl. (or maybe, our country is developing, lol)

Writing essay for my assignment makes me STRESS, gee!! I shall stop.

Vico : Gimme your address and details to send you invitation card :) till now, I don't know anything about yours yet. It is so much cheaper to get frames in my country (I don't know why). Frame is Espirit (I don't know it is fake or whatever) frame and costs about USD40 only including spectacle lense. Ahhh, you know my wardrobe, hehe. Yes, I wore that purple dress to my friend's wedding before. I have another dress about the same color but long sleeve as well.


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