Monday, July 27, 2009

I don't mean to whine, I just lo, ok around me and knew that four of my best friends got married. Two got babies, HM way to go, okay? =p

And now to those babies, I am in the age of auntie, isn't it? Thanks god, I still got single friends, WL, NL, Kristy.

There still have a lot more of babies pictures around me. That shall be long post if I upload all and I am lazy at this moment.

Justin (Ma Puu's son), 2 months old

Sofia (Ma SNP's daughter), 1 month old

Myint Myat (Ma Bon's son), 6 months old

HM's wedding

My cousins

Got this pinky cute lil thing from supermarket. I don't know which purchase made me to get this from cashier. I think it could be puddings I bought. Now I should go and purchase all the puddings on the shelves.

To Vico : Yeah, I know those short wedding dress doesn't look like formal wedding dress. But will not be that bad for evening dinner, cocktail wedding dinner or wedding photo shoot. They are just cute, that why I like.
Well, now this post is about babies again, I know what you gonna say "Are you hinting to your fiance that you want babies?", lol. You heard me my Imaginary Fiance?

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  1. Vico said...
    haha, now a post about babies. All these posts have similar theme. I wonder what's next, the place where you want your wedding to take place? or perhaps pics of your actual wedding. :P

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