Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Currently I am loving these three songs and make me feel like *want-to-shake-my-body*

Eminem - We Made You

His video always comes out as funny

Sean Paul - So Fine

All I know is the word "So Fine"

Mariah Carey - Obsessed

Catchy tune and Oh Oh

To Strawberry High : Yah, I am always finding reasons to go and eat at there. Almost all my best friends' birthday and my birthday, we had dinner at there until my friends told me no THAI food for next birthday.

To Vico : Um, it is coincidentally related although I have no intensionally to be related each other. I hate wet and cold weather if I have to go out. If I have to just chillax in my home, I would love this weather. Nice reason to be potato-couch.

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  1. Vico said...
    Maybe subconsciously you made them related to marriage. :P
    I never understand a word Sean Paul says, lol.
    I don't like the rain either, but I don't really mind cold weather. I prefer it over hot weather. This week has been hot & humid, I really can't stand it. Plus my A/C broke, it wasn't even old. :(

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