Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Babysitting and playing with him. After I come back home from work, I have this little happiness that, I could play with him. He is my best friends' son. He is about 6 months old now.

Being son of guitar crazy, his dad bought him small lil guitar even though he couldn't even talk or walk or play with it.

Well, baby guitar & daddy guitar. His dad got more electric guitars in his room, about 3 or something.

Me and my ring, I wear this ring like since forever. Yeah, I wore it since last 10 years ago, people thought that I am married or engaged. Yesterday in lecture, Zal said are you married? And Xav said no no, engaged? lol. Actually, the story is when I bought this diamond ring as my 14 years birthday present (money was from dad), I wore it in middle finger. After that my fingers became big and I moved to ring finger to wear this ring. I have no intension for anything. But it could look like I am married or engaged? Yes, you judge. Maybe, this thing turn off others and think that I am married or engaged? Haha. I don't know how the wedding ring or engaged ring look like. But mine ring is like 21 small lil diamond and one diamond in middle as star and it has cross shape. I thought wedding ring and engaged ring are like only one big diamond on the ring.

To Vic : I will try to smile next time. But mostly, I don't really smile if I take photo with others :)

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  1. Vico said...
    Cute, he has kinda a big head,lol. I like the third pic. :)

    I did notice the ring in some pics and I personally thought it was from an engagement or something. But since you didn't say anything, I didn't ask. I guess the diamond doesn't have to be too big, I mean isn't it the thought that counts? :P

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