Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just randomly, I want short wedding dress even though no plan of wedding or whatsoever yet.
I want short wedding dress for evening wedding in like relax mode or something.

This picture is like I can create myself what will I wear and thing. Not really look like wedding dress though, maybe lack of wedding dress accessories?

This Yun Eun Hye picture is really cute with short wedding dress, she is cute and I like her very much, love the wedding dress she is wearing as well. I don't want to wear strapless or spaghetti though. I want transparent vest or at least something covering my big upper arm.

Vico : Nop, I mean, now I am fatter than that picture I posted in previous post.

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  1. Vico said...
    Wedding Dress talk, huh. hmm...well first it was the ring and now dress. Are you sure you're not hiding a fiance?..j/k.. :P
    I'm not sure about these short wedding dresses, maybe I'm old fashioned? These seem more like something to wear to a formal dinner or something, but not really as a wedding dress. I just can't see YEH getting married in that dress, if you get what I mean.

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