Thursday, July 30, 2009


Vico, Can you spot me the smiling picture? Sorry to hear that your A/C is broken down. Take a shower before you sleep. Now I just sleep with wind breeze to my room. It is kinda windy though. No more A/C and No more fan.

Quote of the day : It is easy to make 100 people to hate you. But it is not easy to make 1 person to love you.

I am not sure if someone said this before or used in somewhere. But this thing, I just make it myself.

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  1. Vico said...
    haha, I get my IOU paid, thank you, you're a person who keeps her word. :) See, you have a beautiful smile, you need to use it more often. ;) No A/C & no fan, sounds tough, doesn't SG have a very hot climate? Right now, I'm just using fan, but I think the constant air blowing on me has made me slightly sick. :(
    So have you made 100 people hate you or something? :P I was under the impression that it was easy for a girl to get the guy they wanted. I mean you girls have a lot of "weapons" in your favor. :)

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