Wednesday, July 22, 2009


After I watched this trailer, I find it very cute. The stubborn grandpa Carl and chubby cute boy Russell.

There has a few parts I like very much and think they are so cute.

Russell : Good Afternoon, are you in need of any assistant today, Sir..
Grandpa Carl : Nope.
Russell : I could help you cross the street..
Grandpa Carl : Nope.
Russell : I could help you cross your yard..
Grandpa Carl : Nope.
Russell : I could help you cross your..
*Door Slam*

When the house is in the air.
*Door Knocking*. It gives a shock to Carl.
Carl found Russell in front of his house which is in the air, lol.
Russell : Please let me in.
Carl : Nope.
*Door Close*
Then, Carl opens door and let Russell in. Their journey starts.

Then they meet this dog named 'Dug' in the forest.
Russell : Speak
Dug : Hi there
*Carl amuses*
Carl : Is that dog just say Hi there?
Dug : Oh yeah, I just met you and I love you.

Russell : With GPS, we will never be lost.
*Russell seem to drop GPS*
Russell : Oops.
His expression is just cute. Haha.

They make me interesting and make me laugh even just watching 2 mins of trailer. The stubborn grandpa Carl says everything "NO" but he gives in to Russell after he says NO.
The chubby and cute Russell is enthusiastic, persistent, charming and funny. So watch the trailers, grab the tickets when it comes to cinemas.





UP in Singapore Cinemas Opening 7th August 2009


  1. Vico said...
    I love Pixar movies. Are you a fan too? My all time fav is Toy Story. I use my little cousins as an excuse to watch these movies, cause I feel like I'm too old for them, idk.
    mabaydar said...
    It seem really cute and funny. I will definitely watch it. I watched Harry porter and half blood prince. But it is not really nice.

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