Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The first picture the night out before my birthday. And me and Wynnle with my birthday cake.

We had Thai food at Golden Mile. They are so yummy. I had lunch with my brother and Wynnle.

After Thai food lunch, we went to Blood Bank to donate blood, yayy..

Met my other best friends at my friend's shop in City Hall. We took shuttle bus to Suntec City to have Viet Food. The bus is so nice.
(left to right) Ma Bon, Myint Myat (the baby), Tin Wynn Hlaing. Me & Red. Heiman and her husband

Me and Tin Wynn Hlaing's mom

At Pho Hua Vietnames Restaurant

Wallet is present from Ma Bon and her husband. Maybelline eye liner is from Red. The birthday cake is from Blood bank. Polo T-shirt is from Wynnle.

The customized birthday wish card is from my brother. It is so nice and surprised to see this. I asked him what will you give me. He told me to loan some money first :/
I am birthday donor, the sticker from blood bank.

Overall, I had great day. I am happy that everyone in blood bank wished me Happy Birthday and I got ton of birthday wishes from Facebook.

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  1. Vico said...
    That cake doesn't have enough candles. :P
    Now you get to wear the no. 1 eyeliner in Japan, haha. :D

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