Friday, March 6, 2009

I watched this Korean movie a few days ago, The plot is like "A group of chat room buddies decide to meet together in reality on the beach for some fun in the sun. However, their vacation transforms into a nightmare as each person except Nam-kyeong (Kim Hyun Jung) is murdered by the mysterious person 'Sandmanzz' with gruesome deaths." Jae Hee is in this movie. I love x 75468756867 trillions him. I saw this movie wiki page. So I knew who is psycho killer 'Sandmanzz'. Spoiled my mood. Sandmanzz is no other than my Jae Hee. But he is just too cute to be psycho killer in my eyes. 

Jae Hee (the movie was from 2000, so he looked different in 10 years ago, ofcourse). The picture above should be recent (not so long ago) picture

The movie goes on like what psycho killer movie goes on. I found out a few facts for psycho killer movies.

1. Psycho killer's strength is really strong.
2. Psycho killer is smart and well planned how to kill people.
3. Psycho killer is even smarter than normal people who get killed.
4. Psycho killer looks like normal people until the end when everyone knows this person is psycho killer.
5. Sometimes, psycho killer has no reason, he just wants to kill people.
6. The one you think this person in the movie is psycho killer, actually, he is not real psycho killer. 
7. Psycho killer is the one you don't really suspect.
8. Psycho killer is hard to die. 
9. Even though psycho killer got shot, he got stabbed, he got injuried, he still doesn't die.
10. Police can't solve psycho killer's case easily.

Come back to make decision again.

To BKK or Kota Kinabalu?? To go or just stay in Singapore just save money?? Just 4 days, will it worth to go?? I am just puzzled. Still thinking thinking thinking...

To Zatlite : You should take vacation once in a while. If not, life is boring. I don't know maybe, it is just me. Doing same things almost everyday make me extremely boring. I need CHANGES.
To Vico : The phone is 3Mega Pixels. But no flash, if so taking picture light is just crap. With the help of day light, it is just quite ok. You just come and visit to Singapore, I will treat you ~_* But not air ticket though, Haha.
To Shin : Thanks a lot. The new helps me speed up to go BKK =D

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  1. Vico said...
    Four days seems too short for a vacation, at least to me, it isn't worth it. Vacations need to be at least a week long. You should save your money for a much longer vacation, that's my advice.
    Your camera is better than mine, it's only 2 megapixels and no flash. And it's such an expensive phone.

    p.s., seeing your pics of you wearing shorts & t-shirt made me jealous. We had a snowstorm at the beginning of the week and it's been so cold. It should warm up during the weekend though.

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