Monday, March 16, 2009

From Sunday Shopping, I bought a few stuffs. Polo T-Shirt, Esprit For Her Connect or something (bottle doesn't look like the one from picture though) and stuffs from Daiso. If things are cheap, people like to buy even though they don't really need them (maybe, women are like that, not all though). So after series of shopping, seem like my budget for vacation is getting low and my vacation plan is cancelled.

IT @ show was packed. I had to check out a few stuffs for my boss. One of them is Sennheiser IE8. I saw this on Digital Life session on Wed Newspaper. Price is about $628 or something (for sure above S$600). I was thinking like "What??? So expensive? With this amount, You can buy good phone or good music player or ipod or other things. And who gonna buy this expensive thing." After trying this thing, I understand S$600 does wonder things. It is just so good listening to this.

My Anger Management

I hate people walking side by side in small narrow lane. Can't they move aside? I walk faster than them but I can't pass through because they are blocking my ways. That why sometimes, I like to bump bump people. (I can be evil) *~*

Same go to who stand side by side on escalator. Can't they stand one side (Most of people do though), but some non-civilize people still blocking the way standing on one side which should be one side express way for who are rushing. (Especially on peak hours)

I totally hate people who don't consider other people feeling which can be caused by their manners. There has a lot of example. One example is under one roof, you leave your leftover noodle from previous night and invite a lot of your-so-called-guest-MR.FLYS-&-SOME-PESTS. It is disgusting. Thinking about your flat mates who are sharing this whole house with you. Have some basic manners. This is just so called example only. It can be happened not only under one roof. It can be happened outside world as well such as loud-as-thunder-noise motorbikes. I totally hate them too. I curse them in my mind. (I can be evil, again?)

Vico : Isn't it good to smell nice? lol at fruit salad. I love fruity and sweet smell. Yes, I always buy Aussino Kid Bed Sheets. They are just too cute.

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  1. Vico said...
    It seems like it's in women's DNA to buy things they don't need.
    Yeah, good headphones make a huge difference when listening to music. Though, I wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars for them. The ones I use now are like only $22.
    Wow, you're like one evil girl, aren't you? :P j/k, I know exactly what you mean. People block the escalator here all the time, esp at the train station. And they walk slow and block your way. I admit I walk a little fast, but sometimes these people walk like they're taking a stroll in the park. It's annoying cause I'm trying to catch my train. Sometimes I just want to kick them on their backs...oh no...I'm starting to become evil like you. (^_~).
    Of course it good to smell good, nobody likes a stinky person. But smelling like a fruit cup or yogurt, is that really a good thing, I just don't know. (?_?)

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