Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome to family. All of them smell nice. Strawberry, Mandarin Orchid, Moringa, White Musk, Aqua Lily. I bought most of them as set which is like shower gel and lotion. I always like to buy those beauty stuffs as set.

I love love love strawberry. Buying them, make me happy to shower. Last night, I had shower using Strawberry Body Polish. Squeeze out from tube, these Strawberry Body Polish looked like Strawberry Jam. I didn't expect that it would make foam. I thought it is just for scrubing only and I might need to use another shower gel to clean again. After Strawberry Body Polish, I used Strawberry Body Butter. The smell is so nice as well. I was like smell good, delicioius and yummy. And using jam and butter, I could be bread, why not? Now time to toast the bread?

Left to right
Strawberry Body Lotion, Strawberry Body Polish, Strawberry Butter, Mandarin Orchid Body Lotion, Mandarin Shower Gel, Mandarin Body Mist, shampoo, conditioner, Moringa Body Lotion, Moringa Shower Gel, White Musk Body Lotion, Aqua Lily Body Lotion

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  1. Vico said...
    wow, that's a lot of bottles. Reminds me of my mom's bathroom. Honestly, I don't understand why girls like these exotic fragrances. I mean, is it really good to smell like a fruit salad. :P

    P.S., nice bed sheets. XD

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