Monday, March 23, 2009

The Accidental Gangster and The Mistaken Courtesan

What a long name for a movie. I love Lee Jung Jae the actor. This movie is like historial comedy movie. Not too bad though, quite funny and just eye candy movie to watch Lee Jung Jae.

Can't believe that he is 36 years old but he is still too handsome. In older generation of actors, I like Lee Jung Jae, Lee Byung Hun and Takuya Kimura. They all are at least in their mid 30.

Detroit Metal City

I haven't watched this yet. But gonna watch soon. Ken'ichi Matsuyama a.k.a L from Death Note. He becomes mushroom hair guy to this ghostly face (L's ghostly face in Death Note is much much better than this, now it is too wait and look like white paint face not like white powder face in Death Note)

Gosh, This Myanmar movie is kinda copy of "Boys Before Flowers". Story by Lun Htar Htar.
All the main facts from Boys Before Flowers are in this Myanmar movie.
- Actress punches actors.
- Actor says "The girl has to come and ask for forgiveness on her kneel"
- Actor waits in the rain to get love answer from actress.
- Actor's mom asks actress to play piano/keyboard on actor's birthday.
- Actress gives cookies/cake with actor's face on cookies/cake
- And so on.


  1. Vico said...
    I've been wanting to see "The Accidental Gangster and The Mistaken Courtesan" but I haven had time. I heard that the "Detroit Metal City" anime is pretty funny don't know about the movie though. And I've nothing to say about that Myanmar movie.

    You should check out to download movies, I just discovered this site a couple of weeks ago. It's fairly new, but he updates regularly with movies. It's nicely organized.
    madyjune said...
    I also want to watch the above movies u mentioned but I could probably only find LJJ movie here.

    I'm planning to rent that HYD copycat movie 'cuz I want to know what they copy after, the original manga or the drama. If it's drama, there's 2 version, TW version & JPN version.

    Anyway, my neighbor just gave me one Myanmar movie to watched. It's probably old and I'm not enthusiastic about it 'cuz it's with Aung Ye' Linn and Tin Zar Wint Kyaw.
    madyjune said...
    btw, aren't nay toe and ooe wae afraid of bird flu? i won't be touching so much pigeons if i were they.

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