Monday, March 2, 2009

I had busy weekend. I had to wake up early on Saturday to go Jurong Bird Park with Teddy Bear. She got this sms to go in Jurong Bird Park. When we reached there, it was like fully redeemed. We felt cheated. Nevermind, we don't want to pay and go inside. We went to Chinese Garden instead (First a few photos in photoslides shows). After that I went to Ma Bon's house. Her son's one month birthday. I had Mote Hin Gar. After that went to another friend's house with Kathy. Food food food again till our stomach gonna burst. We watched Thai Horror movies at there. End up, I was scared to go back home alone. I slept over there. It was fun. Next day morning after I woke up, I ate breakfast at there. 

Then we went to Orchard for something. End up Shopping and window shopping for me (I didn't feel like to buy anything yet). Then sat at Starbucks. Even though I don't like coffee, having hot coffee on raining day is nice feeling (it was raining at that time).

I got cheque from Google. Woohoo!! Although it isn't big amount. I am still happy.

Ma Bon's son. I love babies, kids.

I am Rat in Chinese Horoscope. It said "smart, sensitive to surroundings & situations, sincere & loyal but can be emotional". Check all and how true to me.

School starts today again. Tiring life, sigh~~~~

P.S I didn't have chance to change my cloth. I was out from my home since Sat 8AM and back to home on Sunday 9PM. I didn't have plan to sleep over at my friend's house =D but things happened.

To Vico : Yeah, my phone is still new. But I gonna renew my phone line contract in June or something. So I can get new phone with cheaper price (like around S$100 lesser than retail price). Well, I ain't feel absolute-ok yet. Still felt like bit of sickness, yet I had too much activities in this weekend as well :D

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  1. Vico said...
    Saw the title and was wondering why you wouldn't change your clothes. LOL, what are you doing to the rat statue kissing it or trying to bite it, :P Why'd you get a check from google, you win something? Wait, so after watching horror movies, you got scared to go home?...haha, that's cute, your like a little kid (^_^). After such an eventful weekend you need to get some rest if your not 100% recovered. :)

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